Urban Combat Carbine

Urban Combat – TacMed – Advanced Beginner

Carbine Courses



2021 Course Dates – Lewistown PA range

All courses includes 2 days of instruction, a night shoot, 2 nights bunkhouse lodging,

Friday lunch, prize shoots, and Top Shot award.

$700 call to register

April 16/17      Urban Combat Carbine  –  Completed 


August –    “ABC”  Advance Beginner Course  (date coming soon)

October –         TacMed Course          (dated coming soon)

NOTE: These are NOT static shooting courses.  For 2021 we will be offering 3 different courses from beginner to advanced.  All courses are 2 days and are held at the Lewistown PA range.

ABC (advanced beginner course) You need to know the basics of operation of the weapon system and safety rules for this course.  will take you from a beginner shooter to a confident operator of the weapon system.  You will be running barricades, moving and shooting, clearing malfunctions and shooting from various positions (night/ low light shoot included).

UCC Urban Combat course is and intermediate course, meaning you will need a good working knowledge of the AR15 weapon system.   It is fast paced, and geared towards fighting in urban areas (night / low light shoot included).

TacMed course is an advanced course that will include a lot of moving parts, you will be moving, running, applying tourniquets under fire, bounding with other shooters and more.  The TacMed course includes a classroom portion that will brief you on tactical medic skills and stop the bleed.   All of our courses require you to be physically fit, you will be shooting from various positions including kneeling, prone, and moving and shooting. You and your rifle will get dirty.   Weapon mounted light, sling and iron sights are required for all of our carbine courses.

 Call to Register

Contact us or Call Jackson  631-902-0972 to register – these courses will fill up quick. Deposit due when you register -cash, check, or money order.

Refund Policy  Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to training, any and all deposits or payments are non-refundable, and will be forfeited unless we can fill the spot.  Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to training, any and all deposits or payments can be refunded or put towards an open upcoming course.

Carbine Course Topics

  • Proper Stance, grip and points of contact
  • Positional Shooting, Standing, Kneeling, Prone
  • Urban positional shooting
  • Magazine changes, tactical, combat
  • Malfunctions and clearing techniques
  • Strong side vs support side shooting
  • Barricade shooting
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Moving and shooting
  • 2 person & team movement and shooting drills
  • 2 man & team communication
  • Shooting out of and around Vehicles
  • Team Exfil – Man Down
  • Timed single, double, triple threat drills
  • Room Entry Tactics
  • Gear placement

* Transitioning to sidearm (LE Only – course dependent)

Required Equipment

    • AR-15 platform rifle (please have your rifle  zeroed at either 25 , 50 or 100 yards)
    • Only .223 or 5.56 caliber rifles allowed
    • Iron Sights
    • Red Dot Optic and extra batteries
    • Weapon light with momentary switch
    • At least 5 magazines, magazine pouches for 3 mags (belt or chest)
    • CAT T tourniquet
    • Medical Pouch
    • Rifle Sling – one, two or three point
    • Hearing/Ear and Eye Protection
    • Maintenance Tools and Lube/Oil
    • 1000 rounds for 2 Day Course  ( brass case  recommended ) FMJ – Hollow PT – Lead core
    • Body armor/kit, plate carrier, Helmet, Suppressor

Ammo Restrictions for shooting steel targets

NO ARMOR PIECRING, XM193, 855, GREEN TIP, STEEL CORE, OR FULL COPPER (must be safe for steel) NO steel/copper (bimetal jacket). The usual culprits will also have a steel case instead of brass.

Check the tip with a magnet if you are unsure.

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