Long Range Precision Rifle Training


Long Range Precision Rifle Courses


2021 Long Range Dates – Lewistown, PA 

All courses are 2 days, Friday and Saturday, all include a night shoot, Top Shooter Award, prize shoots, bunkhouse lodging Thursday and Friday night,(RV parking welcome) and Friday lunch $675

**Range now has a CONCRETE Shooting Pad!  Bring a comfortable shooting mat** 

Long Range 1 – beginner/intermediate

March 19/20   –  Completed 

April 30/May 1  – Completed

May 21/22  –  Completed

June 18/19 –  Completed

August 20/21  – Course FULL

 November 12/13  – Course FULL (wait list open)


Long Range 2 – intermediate/intro to PRS/moving target engagement

**Must have taken our LRP1 course**

September 17/18  –  3 spots just opened up

Rental Package 2 day course includes Ruger Precision, Bergara or Tikka 6.5cm rifle, 2 magazines, Vortex Viper PST 5-25 or Arken SH-4 6-24×50 Gen2 Scope, Harris canting bipod, rifle level, 2 rear support bags, shooting mat $250 

200 rounds of  match ammunition (as of June 1, 2021) – $500

Scope Only Rentals Available – $125

2021  Long Range Precision 1


Musty be able to shoot under 2″ group at 100 yards and lay prone for extended periods

Whether you are a hunter, target shooter, or beginner rifle enthusiast, our Long Range Precision Rifle Training  Classes will teach you the skills necessary to confidently engage targets out to 1000+ Yards and beyond.

Classes held in Lewistown, Pennsylvania  1000+ yard range    A short drive from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut

2020   Long Range Precision 2

prerequisite – LRP 1 or similar

Contact us or Call Jackson  631-902-0972 to register –  Deposit due when you register -cash, check, money order, vemno, zelle.

 Refund Policy: Cancellations made less than 30 Days Prior to Training :   Any and all deposits or payments are non-refundable and will be forfeited unless we can fill the spot.  Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to training, any and all deposits or payments can be either refunded, or put towards an open upcoming course.


Long Range Course Outlines

Long Range Precision  1 

This is a beginner to intermediate that will stress the importance of quickly acquiring and engaging targets.  A basic understanding of the prone shooting is highly recommended.

2 Days  Course – Price $675.00 per shooter: (deposit of $325 due when you register, balance due day of the course )

DAY 1– 8 AM  Check in at clubhouse and go over safety rules and procedures.  We will go over scope operation and setup and discuss some basic ballistics that will be effecting our bullets path to the target.   Understanding the basics of internal, external and terminal ballistics is a crucial part of long range shooting.  If you miss a target, we want you, the shooter, to be able determine what you think was the cause of the miss.  This way you will be able to correct it in the field, and score a second round hit.  We will then go over basic scope set up and function prior to any live firing.   Only  2 hour of classroom, for this course, all other instruction will take place during live fire. Shooters will then get out their gear and set up at a shooting position.   We will note the days conditions and log our data.


All shooting will be done from the Prone Shooting Position.   Proper positioning behind the rifle is essential to consistent long range shooting.  We will then begin our 100 yard sight in confirmations.  Shooters MUST show up with their rifle zeroed at 100 yards.  Some adjustments may need to be made, so we will take our time to get this correct for each shooter.


Once all shooters are sighted in, we will begin to engage targets at increasing distances.  Shooters will begin logging elevation and windage data for each distance.  Target distances we can expect to reach 1000 yards by the end of the day!

We Will Break For Lunch.  Bring Food and plenty of liquids, there is a small cooking shack equipped with a griddle, and we now have a BBQ available for students to use at the firing line.   Feel free to bring coolers, portable BBQ’s, lawn chairs, etc


Throughout the day, your Instructors will continue to discuss how and why to make adjustments due to internal and external ballistics factors.  Shooters can take breaks whenever they want, and are encouraged to come look through the spotting scope and spot for each other.

We will do a  Hostage  Sniper Training skills drill, Best Hand Poker Shoot and a SWAG giveaway “game shoot”   The winner OR winners will win a prize.


We will  break around 4 PM, but  the line will stay hot until 5 PM for shooters who feel they need extra work, need to make adjustments, or just want to bang steel. Spotting scopes will be available for students to use to spot for each other. Line will go Hot again at Dusk for low light shoot.  Feel free to bring other rifles if you like, we can help you get quick data on them.

Evening LOW LIGHT DUSK Shoot – after we break for the day, students and instructors will have some time to relax, and unwind as the sun starts to set. We will head back up the hill to the range for some low light shooting.  If you have an illuminated reticle, you will get a chance to see how well they function in low light.

Day One is a long day, so be ready to do a lot of shooting

DAY 2  –  Meet at the range at 8:00. We will go over any questions anyone may have from the prior day, then back to shooting.

Cold bore 800 yard shot

Day 2 will include basic UKD (unknown distance estimation drill )  –  Team Drill –  UKD  Teams will be tasked with mapping terrain, spotting their targets in the field, range estimation of  each target, and engaging each target.  Students will have full use of spotting scopes, laser range finders, and kestrel.

Our last and most important drill of the course is our  Know your Limits Pick 3 Drill.  This is the culmination of everything you have learned.  Each shooter will pick 3 targets in the field and score points for each hit. You will leave day two feel very proud of your accomplishments.  We should have day two wrapped up by 3pm [/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]


2 Day Course – Price  $675.00 per shooter: (deposit of $350 due when you register, balance due day of the course  )

COURSE REQUIREMENTS : You must taken our LPR 1 course or equivalent, and have data on your weapon system  to 1000 yards . You must  be able to make hits on targets from 100-1000 yards within  a few shots, and self adjust for wind and elevation misses.  Shooters must know how to range targets at unknown distances using their scope reticle.


This course will require a moderate amount of physical activity and agility.  You will be shooting in a variety of  PRS type positions including, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone and more.  It will also include our new MOVING TARGET, a night shoot and 10-12 different shooting positions / stations.

Shooters will engage targets from 100 to 1000 yards at 50 yard increments.  This course will include an a more in depth discussion of ballistic and ballistic calculators, intro to basic PRS positional shooting from various obstacles.  Knowledge of your scope reticle is crucial, using elevation and windage holds will be necessary.  This course will cover more unknown distance shooting and holders than LRP1.  During the course of the 2 days, we will have various timed and point stages which will be cumulative and the shooter with the most points at the end of day 2 will be awarded the top shooter award.

MOVING TARGET – shooters will get to engage a moving target, and be introduced to lead and timing skills.  The night shoot will be a moving target in this course.

Shooters not familiar with PRS type shooting, please watch some videos online, you will need a rifle sling and various size shooting bags. Our courses are set in a very relaxed atmosphere, and Instructors Paul, Mikey, Trevor and Jackson will make you feel right at home. [/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]


Camping and RV parking on the grounds is free.  There are several hotels in the area, we usually stay at the Super 8 which is 3 miles down the road. Class fill up quickly. We will be starting at 8AM  – we recommend coming up the night before and crashing at the clubhouse.


Equipment Requirements:

We must confirm your equipment before signing up

We will be making initial drop charts for all students, so we need to know what you are bringing to shoot

Weapons System Requirements you MUST have the following


  • Quality Tactical or Precision Rifle (not hunting rifle) capable of shooting a 1 inch group at 100 yards
  • Acceptable calibers –  .243, . 6mm, 260, 270, 6.5cm, 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC, 7mm, .308, .300 win mag., or .338 or similar
  • Nothing larger than  .338, NO .50 Cals,  and no .223, 300 blackout or similar AR15 calibers
  • Bolt Action or Semi-Auto AR10 type platforms allowed  (20″ barrel or larger recommended )
  • Scope or Rifle Level **** Mandatory
  • Quality Height Adjustable and Canting  Bipod
  •  Please have your Rifles zeroed at 100 yards
  • Rear shooting bag or multiple ( different size bags may be better for certain obstacles)
  • Quality Tactical Type Scope with matching reticle and external adjustable turrets preferred – Minimum of 10x
  • No 3-9 hunting Scopes, duplex reticles, or BDC reticles
  • Minimum  of  160  rounds of factory MATCH ammunition  (higher the Ballistic Coefficient the better)


Safety Equipment: MUST have


  • Eye Protection – wrap around preferred
  • Ear protection – a good set of plugs is recommended  ( keep in mind getting a good cheek weld on the rifle is difficult with bulky muffs)
  • Shooting Mat or ground cover ( more comfortable the better –  LRP 1 – all shooting will be done from the prone position off a concrete pad
  • Empty Chamber indicators
Peripherals: Optional


  • Scientific calculator or smart phone capable of same  ( recommended )
  • Note taking supplies, pen and paper for DOPE data and info. taking
  • Phone ballistics apps recommended
  • Proper Clothing ( check forecast )
  • Sling recommended (LRP2 only)
  • Proper footwear  – no man sandals or flops !!
  • We Recommend you bring anything else you need to be comfortable:
  • Hat or headwear for the sun
  • Bug Spray – Tick Spray – Spring and Summer can get buggy
  • Sunscreen
  • Food, snacks and water (we will break for lunch)
  • Kestrel, binoculars, spotting Scope, wind meter, or any other peripheral equipment you would like to bring.
  • Lawn chair for evening hours


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