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Long Range Precision Rifle Training and Tactical Carbine Training

 Long Range Precision Rifle and Tactical Carbine Training School


With ranges located in New York, Pennsylvania, and soon to be in the Lake Norman NC area, we regularly train students from all over the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and provide training to Civilians, Police Agencies and Military.

All of our courses, whether on the range or in the classroom are taught by active or prior law enforcement / military personnel, FBI SWAT and Carbine trained instructors, NRA certified instructors, and highly skilled professionals.  Certified firearms instructors will be teaching all live fire classes.  Many of them have or are currently serving in specialized units including  Tactical (SWAT) Teams, Sniper Training, Gun, Gang and Narcotics Tasks Forces.  Our team has trained, and continues to train at the highest level, and we hope to pass that knowledge on to our students.  We encourage beginners as well as seasoned gun owners to take part in some form of training regularly, if not with us, with another certified firearms school.

We specialize in Long Range Precision Rifle Training , Urban/Tactical Carbine, Protection Services and Warrant Entry Room Clearing for LE and select groups.  Facilities are closed to the public during our Training sessions.

We offer group training sessions for LE, Police Departments, Military or just you and your buddies.  We can customize our training to fit your needs.

One on one private handgun, shotgun and carbine training will be available year round starting Fall of 2020 in the Lake Norman NC area.

Beginner and advanced ballistics courses are also available. We will help you to understand all aspects of bullet flight, and will cover internal, external and  terminal ballistics.

Northeast Firearms Training Locations

Calverton Shooting Range, Calverton  New York  –

Mifflin County Sportmen’s Association, Lewistown  Pennsylvania

  To register or questions call 631-902-0972

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