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*** August 20-21    Long Range 1 ***

Long Range Precision Shooting

Urban Combat Carbine

TacMed (TCCC)

Ghost Firearms Training LLC started operating in 2014, and specializes in Long Range Precision Rifle, Urban Combat Carbine, TCCC (Tactical Medicine) and Executive Protection. Our team of instructors are highly qualified Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian personnel. We continue to train, so we can provide our students with the highest quality and up to date instruction available. Our staff will train you utilizing the latest techniques, equipment, weapons systems and ballistic technology to help our students become confident shooters.

All of our courses are 2 days, Friday and Saturday and are held in Lewistown, PA.  All include FREE Lodging at the clubhouse for 2 nights, RV parking and camping on site.  All courses include prize shoots, top shooter award, night shoot, Friday lunch and certificates of completion. Long Range Courses and Carbine Courses $675

All registrations MUST be done by calling 631-902-0972

Long Range Precision 1

LRP 1 – Our Long Range Precision Rifle Training course will take the beginner rifleman and have them hitting human size targets at 1000+ yards on day 1. Includes, UKD, reticle ranging, holdover drills, night shoot, prizes shoots, 2 nights bunkhouse lodging and Friday lunch included.  160 rounds of match ammo required, Range location Lewistown, PA

Long Range Precision 2

LRP 2 – Our Long Range Precision Rifle Training course will challenge the experienced shooter with a variety of obstacles, shooting positions, unknow distance ranging, reticle holdovers, and engaging moving targets at over 500 yards in a mini PRS match.  Range location Lewistown, PA

Urban Combat Carbine


Our Urban/Tactical Carbine training course will have you running and gunning, shooting from behind barricades, engaging multiple targets, and shooting from the latest urban warfare shooting positions.

Our new 2 Day TCCC Carbine course includes 1.5 days on the range, 4 hours classroom Tactical Medic brief, and live fire drills that will have shooters working as teams applying tourniquets, chest seals, dowNed limbs, and downed man exfiltration.  Range location LEWISTOWN, PA

Executive Protection

Get in on one of the fastest growing industries today, Executive/Dignitary Protection. Our 3 day class will give you the knowledge to join a team of professionals in the Executive or Dignitary Protection field. You will learn all the basics of a protective details, positions, sight advance, personal interviews, contact to threat and more. Your training will end on day 3 with a full day “mock” protection detail. If you are looking to break into this field of work, this is a great base to start with.


Our 2 Day TacMed class is one of the best tactical training courses available to civilians, military and law enforcement. Day 1 takes place on the range testing your proficiency with your AR15 or AK47 weapon system.  Range day includes speed drills, multiple target engagement, moving and shooting, malfunction drills and more.  Day 2 starts off in the morning with our TacMedic classroom TCCC instruction and practical drills where you will apply tourniquets, chest seals, practice wound packing and talk about a good IFAK to carry. The afternoon will take place back on the range where you will put all your new skills together.  You will manipulate your weapon and clear malfuntions with downed limbs, fingers, and applying tourniquets while working with your team as instructors cover you in simulated blood!


We are very proud to have some of the highest quality instructors working at Ghost FT and we encourage you to read our Instructors qualifications. Our diverse backgrounds make us of the most complete instructors teams of any training company today. With skills sets ranging from SWAT trained entry Team members and Instructors, US Marshals Service Task Force, Sniper/DMR’s, Combat Veterans/ Military Tactics, Sniper Match Winners, Re-Loaders, TacMedics, and  PRS competitors.   If companies won’t provide you with instructors bio’s, be very wary.  No wanna be TV, youtube of facebook guys here, we are the real deal that do this for a living and enjoy passing the knowledge we have learned over the years onto our students.

Northeast Firearms Training Locations

Range Location – Mifflin County Sportsmen’s Association

400 Ellen Chapel Lane, Lewistown PA 17044

Bunkhouse Lodging is included with all of our courses, if you wish to stay at a hotel, we recommend:

BEST:  Holiday Inn Express – 30 Happy Valley Drive, Reedsville PA 17084 (717) 946-0777 (6.3 miles from range)

A little Shady but OKAY: Super 8   12886 Ferguson Valley Rd, Burnham PA 17009 (717) 242-8888 ( 2.3 miles from range)

Full Of CRACKHEADS: Quality Inn  13015 Ferguson Valley Rd, Yeagertown, PA (2.3 miles from range)


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