Long Range Precision Rifle Training

and Combat Carbine Training Courses

We offer courses in Long Range Precision Rifle training, and Urban Combat Carbine style training courses.  We have specific courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We also have a Long Range PRS introduction course (Precision Rifle Series), and a new Carbine course which includes transition to handgun.

All of our courses are 2 days, Friday and Saturday and are held in Pennsylvania.  All courses include FREE Lodging at the clubhouse for 2 nights, free RV parking and camping on site, LUNCH Friday and Saturday, prize shoots, top shooter award, and certificates of completion.

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All registrations MUST be done by phone

Call 631-902-0972  9am-9pm 7 days a week

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Long Range Precision 1.0

Beginner Course

 COURSE INFO:   This is a beginner Long Range Precision Course NOT a beginner rifle/intro to rifle course.


If you have never shot a rifle this is not a course for you.   If you can shoot a decent 2-3″ group at 100 yards you can take this course. We will have you hitting targets at 1000 yards on day 1..   We will go over scope set up, basic ballistics and wind, proper prone position, rifle fitment, and zeroing.  Shooters will work with their individual spotters and engage targets out to 1000 yards.  As with all of our courses, 2 nights bunkhouse lodging, lunch Friday and Saturday is included as well as prize shoots, and Top Shot Award.  THIS COURSE WILL BE SHOT EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE PRONE POSITION 180 rounds of match ammo / match bullet loaded ammo required (Higher the B.C. the better), Range location Lewistown, PA

Long Range Precision 1.5


 COURSE INFO:  This is an advanced beginner / intermediate course.

If you are a decent shooter with your weapon system, understand the basics of scope turret operation, can shoot a 1″or better group at 100 yards this is the class for you.  Great course for hunters and guys looking to advance their knowledge so they can go out to a range by themselves and know how to adjust to hit targets at 1000 yards and beyond.  This course will be similar to our past LRP 1 courses with a few changes.  With the addition of our Beginner course we hope to eliminate some of the slower paced portions of day 1.   We now have life size animal UKD for our hunters, and ranging will include the 50 yard increments from 350-750.  This course will still include reticle ranging and holdover drills, as well as points shoots for our Top Shot Award.  THIS COURSE WILL BE SHOT EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE PRONE POSITION. 180 rounds of match ammo / match bullet loaded ammo required (Higher the B.C. the better), Range location Lewistown PA

Long Range Precision 2.0

Intro. to PRS – Moving Target 2.0

 Long Range Precision Rifle 2.0 training course will challenge the intermediate and experienced shooter with a variety of obstacles, shooting positions, unknow distance ranging, reticle holdovers, and engaging moving a target.  We will run steel out to 1000 to get everyone warmed up and dope for the days conditions before getting into positional shooting.  We will introduce you to the basics of PRS shooting including shooting off of some common PRS match obstacles. We will run timed stages similar to PRS, and have you shooting from obstacles such as Tank Traps, Barrels, Mock Roof Tops, Cattle gates and more.  Shooters will accumulate points just as in a PRS match, along with points from various other drills over the course of the 2 days.  As always our Top Shot Award will be given out to the points leader at the end. 180 rounds of match ammo / match bullet loaded ammo required (Higher the B.C. the better).  Range location Lewistown, PA

NEW for 2023


All New for 2023 our Spotter – Shooter Course

You can sign up in pairs or if you do not have a partner, we will buddy you up with another single shooter.

You will need at least one rifle and one spotting scope per team. You CAN SHARE equipment in this course.

This course you will be working as a spotter – shooter team engaging targets. Instructors will teach you how to properly use the spotting scope to read wind and call shots for your shooters.  Each member of the team will take turns on the rifle and the spotting scope. MORE DETAILS TO COME

Accelerated Beginner and Urban Combat 

Carbine Training Courses

Urban Combat Carbine

We will have 3 different types courses in 2023: ABC (Accelerated Basic Carbine / Refresher), UCC (Urban Combat Carbine) and our TacMed TEC4 Training course.

We will only be holding 1 of each course in 2023.  All courses are 2 days, held on a Friday and Saturday, all include 2 nights bunkhouse lodging, Friday and Saturday lunch, and Top Shot Award.  All course held at the Lewistown PA range location.

 Accelerated Basic Carbine/Refresher Course:  Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a good course for everyone to take.  You must know the basics of weapon safety, and be able to handle the weapon safety on an open range to take this course.   This course will include operation of the weapon system, proper positional shooting, magazine changes, reloads, malfunctions, cover positions, barricade shooting, target identification, bounding, shooting on the move, basic threshold clearing, shoot no-shoot scenarios and tourniquet application.  500 rounds of ammunition minimum is required for this course.  This is NOT a static shooting course.

UCC Course:  If you have taken a basic course, prior or presently military, LE patrol rifle, etc, this is a good course for you.  We will take the ABC course to the next level, and include more moving and shooting, urban shooting positions, team drills, and more. It will also include night target Id, shoot no-shoot scenarios and simunition threshold clearing scenarios utilizing your weapon light.  500 rounds of ammunition is required for this course.  This is NOT a static shooting course.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care 

Carbine Courses (TEC4)

TacMed Course: This is an advanced course that will include 1.5 days on the range, 4 hours classroom Tactical Medic brief, and live fire drills that will have shooters working as teams applying tourniquets, chest seals, downed limbs, and downed man exfiltration.  500 rounds of ammunition minimum is required for this course.  This is NOT a static shooting course.

Our 2 Day TacMed class is one of the best tactical training courses available to civilians, military and law enforcement. Day 1 takes place on the range testing your proficiency with your weapon system.  Range day includes speed drills, multiple target engagement, moving and shooting, malfunction drills and more.  Day 2 starts off in the morning with our TacMedic classroom TCCC instruction and practical drills where you will apply tourniquets, chest seals, practice wound packing and talk about a good IFAK to carry. The afternoon will take place back on the range where you will put all your new skills together.  You will manipulate your weapon and clear malfunctions with downed limbs, fingers, and applying tourniquets while working with your team as instructors cover you in simulated blood!

NEW 2023 Course

CARBINE Course with

Transition to HANDGUN

New for 2023

We will be running a carbine with transition to handgun course in 2023.

This is not a beginner handgun, nor a beginner carbine course. You must know how to handle both weapons in a safe manner on a live open range. Drills will include basic marksmenship as well as well as tactics, malfunctions, a lot of magazine changes, using cover, and a simunitions scenrio drill.

Due to issues we had  in 2022, we changed our CANCELLATION and REFUND Policy

Cancellation Policy: READ THIS TWICE:

Cancellations made 60 days or more days before course date: 50% refund

Cancellations made 60 – 30 days before course date: 25% refund

Cancellations made less than 30 Days Prior to Training:  No refund

You may find someone to fill in for you, so you don’t lose your deposit.

We do not collect full payment up front like most companies, therefore if you cancel less than 7 days prior to the course,

you will be responsible for the balance of payment, and will not be able to register for any other courses until that balance is paid. If we have other deposits from you for another course/s we will apply that to the money owed, and a new deposit/s will be needed.

Northeast Firearms Training Locations

Range Location – Mifflin County Sportsmen’s Association

400 Ellen Chapel Lane, Lewistown PA 17044

Bunkhouse Lodging is included with all of our courses, if you wish to stay at a hotel, we recommend:

BEST Choice:  Holiday Inn Express – 30 Happy Valley Drive, Reedsville PA 17084 (717) 946-0777 (6.3 miles from range)

A little Shady and going down hill FAST: Super 8   12886 Ferguson Valley Rd, Burnham PA 17009 (717) 242-8888 ( 2.3 miles from range)

Full Of CRACKHEADS: Quality Inn  13015 Ferguson Valley Rd, Yeagertown, PA (2.3 miles from range)


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