2017 S.A.W.S  –   Our DMR course

Course Date:  To be announced

Semi-auto AR15 – AR10  platforms ONLY (.223/5.56, .243, 6.5, .308 or similar)


This course does not require any prerequisites other than being able to shoot a decent 100 yard group ( 2 inches)  and will require a moderate amount of physical activity and agility.  You will be shooting in a variety of positions including, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone and more.  It will also include our new MOVING TARGET, Maritime “Captain Phillips – Seal Team 6” station, a night shoot and 10-12 different shooting positions.

Shooters will engage targets from 100 to 700 yards while learning the basics of long range shooting. This course will advance quickly and have shooters firing from 10-12 different shooting stations/positions and obstacles.   We will incorporate some PRS shooting / timed drills from various stations / obstacles such as rooftops,  “Scotty’s ladder”, “Mikey’s Tunnel”, “Paul’s Hole”, “Dani’s Swingset” kneeling, seated, prone, our NEW Maritime “Captain Phillips – Seal Team 6” station, and more.  Knowledge of your scope and reticle are required.  We will have a few competition drills  and of course a few prize giveaways,  As in all our courses, instructors Scott, Paul, Mikey, Jackson, and our new apprentice KC will make you feel right at home.

LODGING DETAILS –   2 Days Lodging at the clubhouse included, just bring a cot, air mattress, sleeping mat or sleeping bag. For those who do not wish to stay at the clubhouse, there several hotels in the area, we usually stay at the Super 8 which is 3 miles down the road. Class fill up quickly.

Price: $600 deposit of $300 due when you register, balance is due the day of the course.

We will be starting at 8AM  – we recommend coming up the night before and crashing at the clubhouse.

Contact us or Call Jackson  631-902-0972 to register – these courses will fill up quick. Deposit due when you register -cash, check, money order or PayPal.  Refund Policy Cancellations made less than 30 Days Prior to Training :   Any and all deposits or payments are non-refundable, but Credit can be put towards future training.  Cancellations made less then 24 hours prior to course, any and all payments will be forfeited.


Equipment Requirements:

We must confirm your equipment before signing up

We will be making initial drop charts for all students, so we need to know what you are bringing to shoot

Weapons System Requirements you MUST have the following
  • Quality Rifle capable of shooting a 2 inch group at 100 yards
  • Acceptable calibers –  .223 / 5.56, .243, . 6mm, 260, 270, 6.5, 7mm, .308, .300 win mag., (sorry, no .338 or larger)
  • Semi-Auto AR type platforms ONLY     (18″ barrel or larger recommended – 16″ if you are proficient with it )
  • Scope or Rifle Level  (must have scope with at least 6 power – no red dot only)
  • Please have your Rifles zeroed at 100 yards
  • Quality Scope with matching reticle and external adjustable turrets preferred – Minimum of 8x
  • Minimum  of  300  rounds of factory MATCH ammunition  (higher the Ballistic Coefficient the better)


Safety Equipment: MUST have
  • Eye Protection – wrap around preferred
  • Ear protection – a good set of plugs is recommended  ( keep in mind getting a good cheek weld on the rifle is difficult with bulky muffs)
  • Elbow and Knee Pads Recommended
  • Shooting Mat or ground cover ( more comfortable the better )
  • Empty Chamber indicators  ( available for purchase at the school )
Peripherals: Optional


  • Rifle sling
  • Scientific calculator or smart phone capable of same  ( recommended )
  • Note taking supplies, pen and paper for DOPE data and info. taking  ( data books available for purchase check availability prior )
  • Proper Clothing ( check forecast )
  • Proper footwear  – no man sandals or flops !!
  • We Recommend you bring anything else you need to be comfortable:
  • Hat or headwear for the sun
  • Bug Spray – Tick Spray – Spring and Summer can get buggy
  • Sunscreen
  • Food, snacks and water (we will break for lunch)
  • Kestrel, binoculars, spotting Scope, wind meter, or any other peripheral equipment you would like to bring.
  • Lawn chair for evening hours

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